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About me

Hi, I'm Martin. I am an amateur photographer from Hamburg in Germany. My serious interest in the art of photography came to me about two years ago, since then I have gotten my feet wet in many fields. At the moment I am looking to expand my work more towards people and sports photography. If you are interested to work with me on a project feel free to write me at photo(at) We can work together on a time-for-prints basis, meaning that no money is exchanged either way.

Martin Seyrich at the beamlime ID20 of the ESRF synchrotron radiation source.

About this page

Some time ago I heard one of the many photographers on YouTube saying something that stuck with me: "A portfolio is how you show your best work to the world, but it is also how keep track of your best work for yourself. [...] We constantly compete against ourselves, we are constantly trying to take a better picture than we took yesterday" (Tony Northrup). I liked this idea much more than chasing trends and likes on social media, so I set out to build this page. Hopefully it will grow in size and quality over the coming years.

When science meets art

As you may have guessed from my portrait, I am a physicist by training. This is certainly a reason why I am drawn towards photography, a craft the combines progress in science and technology with artistic vision. Both must work together to get a satisfying result. You can buy the best equipment and take a technically perfect, but utterly boring picture. But you can also have an amazing picture in your head and struggle to bring it to life if you don't understand the inner workings of cameras and image processing. These challenges excite me and I am still learning on both ends.

In an example of forced perspective, it seems that I am photographing tiny horses.
Thanks to Maik for this snap.

A glimpse from the past

Since I am also somewhat of a hobby linguistic and interested in learning foreign languages I used to have also content on language learning on this webspace here. Most of these pages never saw any significant traffic, but three of them had actually useful content and were accessed a few times a day. I decided to let them stay online and just link them here so that they are not gone from the internet: Spanish Gender Rules and Exceptions, Proverbs and Idioms in English, German, French and Spanish, and Uncommon tenses in French, Catalan and Spanish.

© Martin Seyrich.