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About me

Hi, I'm Martin. I am an amateur photographer from Hamburg in Germany. My serious interest in the art came to me about two years ago, since then I have gotten my feet wet in many fields of photography. At the moment I am looking to expand my work more towards people and sports photography. If you are interested to work with me on a project feel free to write me at photo(at) As an amateur, I am doing all of my work on a time-for-prints basis.

As I am a physicist by training, the scientific and technological background of photography is not a mystery to me. But photography is not a game of technology and numbers, it is a form of art in which creativity and vision are vital. We have here an interesting balance of two seemingly opposite sites, the opposition of objective measures and subjective human perception. As a photographer I am re-evaluting this balance with every of my projects. When you set out to capture stars and planets, your equipment and settings are highly relevant. But when you capture the bond between a young mother and her child, your camera make and settings do not matter. And while many may consider this conflict unfortunate, I think it gives photography a level of accessibility that other forms of art lack.

In an example of forced perspective, it seems that I am photographing tiny horses.

© Martin Seyrich.