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Or: What was I thinking?

The idea to create this website arose from two principle annoyances: Firstly from the crappy image quality of a lot of social networks, and secondly from the over-usage of web technologies on a lot of websites.

The very first thing I coded for this site was the image gallery. A lot of people would have put this kind of amateur photography on their Facebook page or somewhere similar. This does not only grant Facebook a lot of legal rights to your images, but it also reduces the image quality to a pulp of pixels. Why invest in an expensive DSLR camera if you share your result with less than 100kb filesize? So I decided to get my own webspace, where I can decide freely which level of image quality I would allow.

The second reason are all the websites out there which use all kind of sophisticated web technology where it isn't necessary. Try to check the retail prices of watches and jewellery on the manufacturer's site with a netbook and you'll see what I mean. So I decided to build a site which is purposely retro and only uses the most basic technologies. People on 20 year old computers should be able to use my website with only minor limitations. Some of the images have file sizes which would have been unthinkable in the 90s, but there are always previews available. The rounded corners done in CSS are also a new invention. The site should run fine on browsers like IE6. Text-only browsers such as Lynx have some problems. I still wasn't able to do a test with Netscape.

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