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Luis von Ahn's gift to the world. Learn dozens of languages for free and enjoy a great community. Especially recommended for beginners.
Quote: "All the Germans use leo." Started as an internal project in the mid 90s at the Technical University of Munich, leo.de really is the most popular online dictionary among Germans. It features English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Polish. Hopefully more languages will follow soon.
About Education
Offers among many other things material about several languages, such as English as second language, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. A structured course is not offered, but many articles are an interesting read.

English English

Homophones are words that are written differently, have a different meaning and are yet pronounced identically, e.g. dye and die. This website claims to be "The world's only complete homophone list". They surely have a lot of them.

German German

A Review of German Grammar
This site offers exactly what you would expect: A review of German grammar. Its author is Prof. em. Bruce Duncan of the German studies faculty of the Darthmouth college, a man who surely knows what he is writing about.
Atlas zur deutschen Alltagssprache
An amazing project from the Université de Liège in cooperation with the Universität Salzburg. They map the regional differences of German in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Even native German speakers can be amazed what words and phrases they didn't know about.

French French

A neat little website that lets you practice nothing but French verb conjugation. There are some options to personalize your training.
Another website for practising verb conjugations. Includes more than 200 verbs in all tenses and modi, and you can extend your training session infinitely.
Mon Livre Audio
A Youtube channel that offers great French audio books. The advantage over other audio books is that the text is shown in the video while it is read.

Spanish Spanish

Diccionario de la lengua española
This is the online dictionary of the Real Academia Española, which tries to unite all native Spanish speakers. Its authority is not undisputed, but whose isn't?
Materiales de Lengua y Literatura
Website about Spanish language and literature. For advanced learners.

Russian Russian

A German website teaching the Russian alphabet and much more. I like especially the cursive lessons with the hand-written, scanned material. The site's creator, Christian Urban, seems to be a committed teacher.

Japanese Japanese

Blog about Japanese language and culture, targeting primarily intermediate and advanced learners. Also sells some learning materials.
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